The Dancers


Minister of Aborignal Affairs, Minister of Housing and MP David Kempton with Yimbaala Dance Group 2012
  Minister Elmes with Dance Leader Cyril McGreen 2012  Male Dancers of Yimbaala Dance Group 2012  Yimbaala Dance Group 2012  Yimbaala Dance Group Children 2012

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Hopevale Arts and Cultural Centre are proud supporters and facilitators of the Yimbaala Dance Group. The Guugu Yimithirr culture is rich with traditional storytelling, and traditional dance is one way of ensuring the old stories are passed down through the generations. Yimbaala traditional dance is often an interpretation of traditional creation stories and conveys messages of Aboriginal Law including morals and cultural protocols. The Yimbaala Dance Group use a range of traditional instruments within their dances including clap sticks and some times the didgeridoo. Traditional dance costume normally comprises of body paint (clay), feathers from the black and white cockatoos, traditional fibre skirts and fabric body wraps that are normally red. 

Private and group bookings are essential for dance performances and may attract a fee. Hopevale Arts and Cultural Centre are happy to cater to individual needs and desires of large scale tour companies, individual tourists, or for special events. Local traditional dancers have preformed professionally at a large number of public events including conferences and art events in Cairns, the biannual Laura Festival, the annual Cooktown Discovery Festival, NAIDOC Week celebrations  and a large number of community cultural events. The Yimbaala Dancers have been recognised for their traditional dances and stories on both a national and international level. 

Yimbaala Dancer - HopeVale